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Digital Maturity

Use the Digital Maturity tools to discover 5 generations of digital maturity in your organization – based on our framework Digital Maturity
How to get access?
5 Generations of Digital Maturity

With our Digital Maturity Tool you can

  • Map the current state of the organization’s digital maturity
  • Get intuitive graphics to engage your entire organization
  • Get an overview of the strategic goals and ambitions in every part of your organization. Where do you want to be in 2 years? In 5 years?
  • Make the strategic ambitions for Digital Transformation transparent and set a shared direction
  • Get a clear overview of misalignment between e.g. digital architecture, data use, executives roles, and current and future digital maturity, and where to invest?
  • Track your progress as you steer towards your strategic goals
  • An actionable gap analysis keeps every part of your organization on track

And much more.

"The DI2X tools and frameworks directly contributed to the value creation of the strategic digital development in the company.

We determined our current maturity and identified the crucial efforts and associated competencies that required focus to achieve future goals."

Nicholas Brace Olsen
Former CEO, Mannaz

How does the Digital Maturity tool work?

The tool builds on a test.

When you collect test responses from across your leadership team or even your entire organization, the tool shows the digital maturity of your organization. What is your level now, and how mature do you want it to be in 2 years? 5 years?

The gap between the current situation and the future ambition will be clear for all to see.

The analysis also shows how each of the 5 generations is expressed in the organization today and what the wishes are for the future.

The test consists of 27 questions and 5-7 background questions and takes approx. 20 min to answer.

The individual participants get direct access to his or her own assessment of the organization's digital maturity.

Digital maturity is evaluated in 9 areas:

  • Strategic purpose of technologies

  • Digital ambition and organizational anchoring

  • Value realization with technology

  • Data and analytics

  • Technology organization and collaboration

  • Digital architecture and governance

  • Executives
  • Managers

  • Employees

Introduction to the Digital Maturity tool

Demo will be available soon.

Using the tool spurs reflection

All the questions in the tests are formulated so that they in themselves create reflection by the person answering the test. The analysis and the intuitive graphics subsequently provide an overview of and insight into the organization's digital maturity today, in 2 years, and in 5 years.

The test is an opportunity to reflect on what is most important for the company or organization, how the priorities can be pursued, and frank dialogue can flourish.

Follow your progress

As your digital maturity evolves and you move towards your strategic objectives, use the tools to continually track your progress. Is every department or business unit evolving as they should? Or is there mis-alignment between your strategic goals and the current state?

Measuring regularly will keep your organization focused. 

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