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The Resource Center is our place to share our knowledge with you – assisting you to help others, or to help yourselves.
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The Resource Center is the place where we share our knowledge with you - to assist you in helping others, or in helping yourself.

We give you access to books, articles, videos, templates, cases, presentation materials, etc. that you can use in your own practice, either to keep your digital mindset updated, or to facilitate digital transformative processes in your own organisation.

You will be invited to webinars with researchers and managers - if you are unable to attend, you will have the opportunity to watch (and also re-watch) the webinars afterwards. You will receive invitations to networking events with professional content and will have the opportunity to network and share knowledge and experiences. Last but not least, we keep you updated with new materials in the Resource Centre.

In the Resource Center, you'll find

The books Digital Maturity and Digital Transformation

Find access to Pernille Kræmmergaard's two books Digital Maturity and Digital Transformation. Here you can, for example, learn about the differences between the five generations of Digital Maturity. Or immerse yourself in a capability that has particular strategic importance for you.

Articles, opinion pieces, columns and podcasts

Find inspiration and learn more about the importance of working strategically as well as competency-wise to strengthen organisations' digital maturity, including how DI2X Tools and Frameworks can contribute. You might find new arguments to help you advance the digital agenda in your organisation.

Presentation slides (about the framework works)

Access comprehensive PowerPoint presentations on Digital Maturity and Organisational Capabilities respectively. The presentations include a wide range of visualisations of the frameworks, allowing you to select and apply the ones that are most relevant to you.

Templates for exercises and group discussions

Find suggested exercises based on the results of your mapping, reflection questions to include in your presentations and templates for group discussions on Digital Maturity and Organisational Capabilities. Use the materials as they are or find inspiration to create your own.

Questions for reflection

Here you will find questions for reflection and discussion on the capabilities, which you can use individually or in workshops, meetings, leadership seminars and more.

Learning videos on Digital Maturity and Organizational Capabilities

Get learning videos for use in facilitating workshops, meetings or other activities. Instead of explaining Digital Maturity or Organisational Capabilities yourself, you can have former professor and founder of DI2X, Pernille Kræmmergaard, do it.

Inspirational videos with researchers and managers

Access videos with researchers and executives who provide you with useful knowledge for your digital transformation. Immerse yourself in a topic or watch the video with a colleague to inspire new dialogues and perspectives.

Cases from other organisations

Find inspiration in descriptions and videos about why others have used DI2X Tools and Frameworks, how they have achieved value and what it has taken. It might give you new ideas on how to work further in your company and why.

Archive of previous webinars

Watch or re-watch webinars with researchers and executives providing you with knowledge on complementary topics such as blockchain, cybersecurity and modularity.

Guides to using Tools and applying results

Find guides and templates on how to use Tools and help on how to understand, process and present the results. For example, you may be unsure how to create a test, access results or compare results from different departments.

Description of DI2X' Frameworks

Find short introductory videos and articles that provide an understanding of what the Digital Maturity and Organisational Capabilities frameworks are all about. The materials can help to refresh the main points, but can also be shared with others, for example in preparation for answering a survey.

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