Our programs are designed for leaders and management teams who want to strengthen their competencies and mindset, and for facilitators, consultants, partners, and others who want to facilitate processes among others.
Pernille Kræmmergaard and Anja discussing DI2X Programs

Read more about the programs below and find the one that fits your needs

Participant of previous DI2X Masterclass Program
Masterclass Program

For leaders and management teams wishing to develop a Digital Mindset to work strategically with their organization's digital transformation.

Pernille holding a Certification Program for facilitators, consultants, partners and more
Certification Program

For facilitators, consultants, partners, and others who wish to facilitate digital transformation in organizations.

Eirin Training in Digital Transformation participant
Training in Digital Transformation

For larger groups of managers in one or more organizations who wish to strengthen their competencies to lead digital transformation and increase digital maturity in their organization.

Service & Partner Programs

Service Programs preview
Service Programs

For those with access to DI2X Tools who want us to provide data analysis, benchmark reports or assistant their digital transformation journey.

Johnny and Rebecca discussing DI2X Frameworks
Partner Programs

For those who want to help their clients succeed with digital transformation using our proven Frameworks, methods, and DI2X Tools.

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