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All organizations are in the midst of digital transformation

  • Many organizations struggle with how to develop a common language among leaders and across the organization
  • Many organizations struggle with identifying exactly where they are today and where they want to be in the future
  • Many organizations struggle with what organizational capabilities and leadership competencies they will need in the future

Online Tools and Resource Center

Map your Organization

You can use the Digital Maturity Tool to uncover the digital maturity in your organization. Or use the Organizational Capabilities Tool to explore the capabilities you need to succeed in digital transformation.

If you are curious about whether our Tools are right for you and your organization, you can order a free access and try the Tool.

Map your Organization

You can use the Digital Maturity Tool to uncover the 5 generations of digital maturity in your organisation. Or use the Organisational Capabilities Tool to explore the 10+3 capabilities you need to succeed in digital transformation in generations 4 and 5.

If you are curious about whether our Tools are right for you and your organisation, you can order a free access and try the Tool.

Get inspired

Kristoffer Böttzauw Director at Energistyrelsen Denmark

"The green transition requires high speed in implementation and target achievement. An essential element in being able to accelerate the transition is to use the opportunities offered by increased digitization and use of data. That is why I and others from the Danish Energy Agency are participating in a Masterclass in Digital Transformation this spring. Educational and eye-opening."

Kristoffer Böttzauw
Energistyrelsen, Denmark

Rune Hauge - Director at Digi Rogaland NorwayDigi Rogaland Norway Logo

"The certification gives me a greater professional impact in the work with digital transformation in Rogaland's municipalities. We are very aware that this is a key part of the solutions in the time to come. The certification gives me an in-depth understanding of the use of the tools with associated mappings, and the value they can add to our work."

Rune Hauge
Digi Rogaland, Norway

Jakob Andersen CIO at VellivVelliv, Pension & Life insurance Logo

"At Velliv, we have signed up for the Masterclass to get a common language and understanding of digital transformation. We participate from the top management together to ensure that we can execute by making strategy and digital change objectives correlate."

Jakob Andersen
Velliv, Denmark

From Language to Impact

Language and frameworks for digital transformation


Our proven Frameworks give you a common language to make organizational dialogue possible.
Digital Mindset for digital transformation icon


Our Programs and Resource Center give you access to insight and materials to accelerate the digital journey.
From strategy to action for digital transformation


Our Online Tools allow you to understand, prioritize, and execute - turning intuitions into clear and concrete actions.
From action to impact for digital transformation


Our approach moves you towards a common Digital Mindset, realizing strategies and business impact.

Service Program

Do you wish data analyses, benchmark report, or us to assist you in your digital transformation journey – then our Service Program is for you.

Partner Program

Do you wish to have proven Frameworks, Methods, and Online Tools to use toward your own clients – then our Partner Program is for you.

Pernille Kræmmergaard CEO & Founder of DI2X

Meet our founder Pernille Kræmmergaard

Based on her academic research and insight into hundreds of executive programs, Pernille Kræmmergaard has built the comprehensive frameworks that support our services, programs, and online tools.

From language to mindset and impact
Her passion is to combine theory with practice and to provide a language, concepts, and tools for others to use in their digital transformation. The programs  and tools she has developed educate you to help others, or to help yourself. That is the basis of DI2X.

From professor to Founder and CEO
After more than 25 years in academia, most recently as a professor at Aalborg University and visiting professor at the IT University Denmark, she founded DI2X which is an ambitious Digital Leadership Research Institute with a focus on digital maturity and transformation.
Peter Sondergaard - Chairman of the Board, DI2X

Meet Chairman of the Board Peter Søndergaard

Being evident in the communication around the transformation and strategy is paramount.

When an executive team and leaders across the organization jointly understand its current digital maturity and where it should be in 2 years and wants to be in 5 years, the result is a common language that all leaders in the organization can use. This makes execution everyone's job. With our DI2X Tools, it is possible to reach a common understanding of the current state, direction and a common language to ensure that communication is consistent.

When it comes to digital transformation, digital competencies across the organization are often limited and this affects the ability to implement digital transformation. Our Organizational Capabilities Tool enables a quick assessment of current capabilities in the organization. A plan can then be developed to improve the most critical ones to ensure digital transformation success.

Morten Stage - Head of Sales - DI2X Denmark

Take charge of your digital transformation

Are you interested in dialogue on how your organization can benefit from our Tools, programs and services? Or do you just have a couple of questions? You might be looking for a partner to collaborate with you on the DI2X Tools and services?

Please reach out to Morten Stage at mst@di2x.com or +45 5076 4111, he'd be happy to hear from you.