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We deliver comprehensive and proven frameworks, programs and online tools for leaders and organizations who want to understand, prioritize, and execute on all the evolving technological and digital possibilities.
Pernille Kræmmergaard & Anja Reinwald, DI2X præsentation
Strategy for Digital Transformation - DI2X

Let data 
power your 

Four out of five organizations do not fulfill their strategic digital ambitions. We would like to change that!
Technology for Digital Transformation - DI2X

Make technology 
a part of every 

Technology is the foundation for every organization. First step is to adopt a common language and direction.
Organization for Digital Transformation - DI2X

your entire 

Digital maturity is an agenda for the whole organization. Everyone must be involved and cultivate a digital mindset.
Leadership for Digital Transformation - DI2X

Develop digital 
in leadership

All leaders must have an overview of the digital journey and direction to succeed. Our tools make that possible.
Digital organizations
Peter Søndergaard

We grow with you, continually offering new knowledge and insights

5 Generations of Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity

How digitally mature is your organization today? How mature do you want it to be in 2 and in 5 years?
Digital Capabilites, web, DI2X

Organizational Capabilities

Does your organization master the 10+3 capabilities that are crucial for digital transformation?

Resource Center

In our resource center you will find templates, articles, webinars and more, helping you succeed.


With a certification in Digital Transformation you are equipped to support your organization. 

From Language to Impact

Transforming your organization to digital maturity
Language and frameworks for digital transformation


Our proven frameworks gives you a common language to make organizational dialogue possible.
Insight from self-evaluation tests


Our programs and Resource Center gives you access to insight and materials to accelerate the digital journey.
From strategy to action


Our tools allow you to understand, prioritize, and execute - turning intuitions into clear and concrete actions.
From action to impact


Our approach moves you towards a common digital mindset, realizing strategies and business impact.

Get certified

For key employees or consultants we offer an in-depth certification. It helps organizations get the full value of our frameworks and tools. Our certification programs aid leaders, management teams and the whole organization’s ability to enhance their digital maturity.

What will I get?
You will be certified in the proven methodology and frameworks, and in using the tools in practice.  

“I found the certification to be incredibly useful, and that it provides good tools in the development of digital management. The certification gave me a good framework and language that is easy for employees to gather around. Good days in Aalborg, and a nice arena for exchanging experiences with other companies.”

Monika Lille-Mæhlum
Adviser, Lillehammer Municipality

Kim Nielsen, CEO, Canon DK
"In the preparation of our annual strategy, we used the tools from DI2X – and as a result we now look differently at our strategy. In the executive leadership team we have designated some clear areas for action that we will focus on in the coming years to partly adjust our strategies and to increase our digital maturity."

Kim Nielsen
CEO, Canon DK

Meet Pernille Kræmmergaard, CEO

Pernille Kræmmergaard, CEO, DI2X


Based on her academic research and insight into hundreds of executive programs, Pernille Kræmmergaard has built the comprehensive frameworks that support the tools of DI2X.

Impact through education

Her passion is to make a difference for the hands-on proces of digital transformation, so educating practioners all over the world. The tools and certification programs she has developed educate you to help others, or to help yourself. That is the basis of DI2X.

From professor to Founder and CEO

After more than 20 years in academia, most recently as a professor at Aalborg University and visiting professor at the IT University Denmark, she founded The Digitalization Institute in 2015, a competency development firm. DI2X has been founded in 2021 and is an ambitious Digital Leadership Research Institute with a focus on digital maturity and transformation.

Mature Digitally


Become a Client

Get access to our online tools as a running subscription. They grow along with you, continually offering new insights.
Digital Mindset

Become Certified

Learn how to get the most from DI2X’ tools, to better support your organization - or your client’s.
Klaus Larsen & Pernille Kræmmergaard Dialogue

Become a Partner

DI2X offers a global partner program. Let us help you, as you help your clients. Use our tests and frameworks as part of your toolbox.
"The tools help clients get a picture of the starting point for business development. They are then able to target the realisation of their company's ambitions.

As a DI2X partner, I have a professionally strong development organisation behind me, while at the same time being part of an ecosystem where we all work with the same very valid framework."

Mogens Steffensen
DI2X Partner

Mogens Steffensen, Assessit, DI2X partner
Digital Capabilites, DI2X

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