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From Language to Impact

Language and frameworks for digital transformation


Our proven Frameworks give you a common language to make organizational dialogue possible.
Insight from self-evaluation tests


Our Programs and Resource Center give you access to insight and materials to accelerate the digital journey.
From strategy to action


Our Tools allow you to understand, prioritize, and execute - turning intuitions into clear and concrete actions.
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Our approach moves you towards a common Digital Mindset, realizing strategies and business impact.

Do you wish to make digitalization an integral part of your business strategy and measure progress – then our Corporate Subscription is for you

Do you wish to develop a Digital Mindset and to have strategic responsibility – then our Masterclass Program is for you

Do you wish to facilitate digital transformation in organizations – then our Cerfication Program is for you

Do you wish to train numerous leaders simtanously and make real changes – then our Digital Mindset Training Program is for you

Do you wish to have proven Frameworks, Methods, and Online Tools to use toward your own clients – then our Partner Program is for you

Do you wish data analyses, benchmark report, or us to assist you in your digital transformation journey – then our Service Program is for you

“In EWII, we are in the process of a digital transformation and we have high ambitions for the benefit of our customers and for inspiration for the energy industry.

We have used the frameworks Digital Maturity as well as Organizational Capabilities from DI2X to increase awareness among managers - at all levels.

In connection with kick-off events, we have used both tests, and the results have led to lively discussions about where we are, what people think we are doing, and what people don’t think we are doing, reconciliation of expectations and concrete action plans.

Most important, the tests and accompanying workshops have given us a language that has increased our ability to talk about digital transformation and its significance for both organization and business.”

Lars Bonderup Bjørn
EWII, Denmark

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Kim Nielsen, CEO, Canon DK
"In the preparation of our annual strategy, we used the tools from DI2X – and as a result, we now look differently at our strategy. In the executive leadership team, we have designated some clear areas for action that we will focus on in the coming years to partly adjust our strategies and to increase our digital maturity."

Kim Nielsen
CEO, Canon DK

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Meet the Founder Pernille Kræmmergaard

Pernille Kræmmergaard, CEO, DI2X

Based on her academic research and insight into hundreds of executive programs, Pernille Kræmmergaard has built the comprehensive frameworks that support our services, programs, and online tools.

From language to mindset and Impact

Her passion is to combine theory with practice and to provide a language, concepts, and tools for others to use in their digital transformation. The programs  and tools she has developed educate you to help others, or to help yourself. That is the basis of DI2X.

From professor to Founder and CEO

After more than 20 years in academia, most recently as a professor at Aalborg University and visiting professor at the IT University Denmark, she founded DI2X which is an ambitious Digital Leadership Research Institute with a focus on digital maturity and transformation.

"If I ask 10 different people in your organization, what is digital transformation, how many different answers do I get? If I ask if the organization has realized the digital transformation strategy, how many will say no?
We're not telling you what to do. We will meet you where you are and enable you to find the solutions that are right for you.
That's why working with digital transformation is not a project – it's a continuous journey that means you can succeed with all the other projects."

“Being evident in the communication around the transformation and strategy is paramount.

When a leadership team and managers across the organization jointly understand its current digital maturity and where it wants to be in 2 or 5 years, the outcome is a common language for all managers in the organization to use. Making execution everyone's job. That can only happen if there is a shared agreement on the current state, a common vision for the future, and a shared language. Our tools within Digital Maturity make it possible for you to reach a common understanding of the current state, direction, and a common language for all managers. That would mean communication about the transformation becomes consistent.

You will be able to involve as many leaders and employees as you want with diverse backgrounds and different competencies. However, when it comes to digital transformations, often digital competencies across the organization are limited. Limited digital capabilities across the organization will impact the ability to execute the digital transformation. Before embarking on the next phase of digital transformation, the organization should assess the current state of organizational capabilities and digital competencies and then build a plan to improve the most critical ones to ensure success. Our Organizational Capability Tool is a helpful tool that enables a rapid organizational assessment. The need for a diverse and deep team will for digital transformations only succeed if there is a sufficient level of digital organizational capability maturity in the organization.”

Peter Søndergaard

Chairman of the Board and investor,
Peter Sondergaard