DI2X Certification

Digital maturity is an agenda for the whole organization. Everyone must be involved in order to succeed a digital mindset. But it requires facilitation! 
Pernille Kræmmergaard certification in Digital Leadership


Benefits for you

After the Certification, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the frameworks “Digital Maturity” and “Organizational Capabilities as inspiration for competence development and learning processes in your own organization
  • Develop a learning organization and organize competence development internally using data from mappings and materials available in our Resource Center.
  • Evaluate and analyze results from our mapping Tools. This includes the ability to compare results and communicate the main points and feedback to participants and apply this knowledge in competence development
  • Organize varied internal competence development courses by putting together a program that is, among other things, technology-assisted.

You will receive a structured follow-up process with coaching during the Certification program, which gives you continuous support when working with cases in your own organization.

Benefits for your company, client, or organization

The entire organization will benefit from:

  • A competent facilitator trained in training others enhance digital maturity and transformation. A crucial element in a transformation is to involve the entire organization, and devoted facilitators are a big part of that.
  • A shared framework to set goals for digital maturity and transformation and structure the subsequent competence development initiatives.
  • A common language to communicate clearly the direction and objectives you strive for.
  • Understanding digital maturity as a way to reach the long term strategic goals of your organization and identified strategic action points.
  • Understanding the organizational capabilities needed to succeed with Digital Transformation and how they can be strengthened.
  • Basis for creating strategic value and innovation through digital transformation. The knowledge that participants in thecertification program bring to your organization can spark generate real change through engagement and qualification of leaders and/or employees.

Get inspired

Reidar Stølan Partner and Senior Advisor, AbilatorAbilator Norway logo

“I chose to participate in the certification because I wanted expertise and tools that could help me in the dialogue with customers to understand where they stand in relation to their own wishes for digital transformation. This has proven to be very useful in relation to the customers I work with, both in relation to digital maturity and skills they should possess. It has created good dialogues and concrete things to address.”

Reidar Stølan
Partner and Senior Advisor

Mogens Steffensen Partner, Assessit DenmarkAssessit Danmark logo

"I chose to get certified for at least two reasons. First because my clients get the opportunity to support the dialogue about digitization with data.
And second because it gives my clients peace of mind that we are grounded in research and solid frameworks.

Security and trust in the frameworks, tools, and consultants are crucial for the customer when we work with digital transformation."

Mogens Steffensen
Assessit, Denmark

Monika Lille-Mæhlum Advisor, Lillehammer MunicipalityLillehammer Municipality logo

"I found the certification to be incredibly useful, and that it provides good tools in the development of digital leadership. The certification gave me a good framework and language that is easy for employees to gather around. Good days in Aalborg, and a nice arena for exchanging experiences with other companies."

Monika Lille-Mæhlum
Lillehammer Municipality

Get started

2 day course, casework and a workshops


Oslo, Norway
2-day cource: September 11th and 12th 2024
Virtual workshop: October 11th 2024
Final workshop: December 11th 2024

PRICE: DKK 40.000 / NOK 55.000 / € 5.400 (excl. VAT). Invoiced upon registration.

PRICE (former Masterclass participant): DKK 25.000 / NOK 36.000 / € 3.400 (excl. VAT). Invoiced upon registration.


The Certification program prepares you to help others in developing digital mindsets be it employees, managers, or organizations and make digitalization an integral part of your business strategy. The organizations you work with will be better qualified for the changes that follow from the digital agenda.


Consider for a minute:
  • How can you assist your organization to develop a common language for Digitalization?
  • How do you create digital mindsets amongst executives and leaders?
  • How do you evaluate the organization's current digital maturity and capability for digital transformation?
  • How can you use data to accelerate the organization's digital maturity and analyze test results, and present results to others?
  • How do you frame the ambition for digital transformation? Which strategic action points does your organization need to execute?
  • How can you plan, run, or facilitate a competence development process in your own organization?
  • Has your organization subscribed to DI2X' tools and Resource Center and wants in-depth knowledge and documentation about the frameworks "Digital Maturity" and "Organizational Capabilities“ and use of the tools?

If you answer yes to more than one of the above, then the program is the right choice for you or your employees.

On the Certification program, you will work with:

  • The two frameworks:
    Digital Maturity” and “Organizational Capabilities
  • How to implement competence development and learning processes, which can be used for inspiration in your own case in your organization
  • Dialogue-based presentations and plenary debates
  • Case-work using the tools in real-life setting
  • Structured follow-up process with coaching to support your case work in your own organization


Who can participate?

The program is designed for consultants (internal or external), business developers, HR-partners, digitization agents, project managers, process and change consultants, and managers in private companies and in the public sector.

“I found the certification to be incredibly useful, and that it provides good tools in the development of digital leadership. The certification gave me a good framework and language that is easy for employees to gather around. Good days in Aalborg, and a nice arena for exchanging experiences with other companies. ”

Monika Lille-Mæhlum
Adviser, Lillehammer Municipality

Practical completion

Part 1: The cource

2 days

At the two-day course you will learn about and discuss the two frameworks, try the tests yourself, and learn how to analyze and use test-results. Furthermore, the course will focus on competency development and organizational learning, linking the theoretical knowledge and the test results to this objective.

The first day of the course focuses on the framework: Digital Maturity and Organisational Capabilities. The second day of the course focuses on DI2X tools and different applications. You will work on an analysis of test results and case. Furthermore you will learn how to use the Tools as well as the materials in the Resource Center in competence development and learning processes in your own organization.

After the two course days, you will answer a multiple-choice test consisting of 30 questions. The test takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Case work

4 weeks

The next four weeks you will work on a case in your own organization, or at a co-operation partner. You will collect data to enlighten your planning of competence development or another initiative. This could be data from our Tools, strategies from the organization, interviews with key individuals, dialog with managers etc. After the data collection you will have a one-hour virtual supervision with a DI2X expert.


Part 3: Virtual Workshop

½ day

At the half-day workshop, you will present your analysis of the data you have collected as well as the goals of the next part of our case work. Based on feedback, inspiration and dialogue you will begin outlining the relevant competence development or other change efforts.

Part 4: Case Work

3 months

You initiate and facilitate a competence development or other change efforts in your own organization, where you use the frameworks, the DI2X tools, and test results etc. During this 3-months period you can participate in 2 virtual sparring sessions with a DI2X expert and other participants in the Certification program.

Part 5: Final Workshop

½ day

At the ½-day workshop you and the other participants presents your competence development or other change efforts and demonstrate what you have learned. The workshop allows for knowledge sharing and ends with a certification.

After completing the Certification program, you will receive a certificate stating that you have completed the program and when.


Strengthen your digital mindset with a Digital Transformation Masterclass

If you want to further strengthen your digital mindset and be equipped to work strategically with your organization's digital transformation – we recommend you to participate on DI2X’s Masterclass Program.

We offer participation at a reduced price for those already completed the certification program.

Anja Reinwald educating during DI2X Masterclass in Digital Transformation

Join our next Certification Program

2-day course in Aalborg, Denmark or Oslo, Norway.
Case-work in your own organization or an organization by your own choice.
Virtual supervision and sparring sessions during the case work.
Two half-day workshop, held virtually on Zoom.

PRICE: DKK 40.000 / NOK 55.000 / € 5.400 (excl. VAT). Invoiced upon registration.

Former Masterclass participant: DKK 25.000 / NOK 36.000 / € 3.400 (excl. VAT). Invoiced upon registration.

See next certification course dates in the form or at the top of this page.

The price includes:

  • Two books about the frameworks - will be sent to you upon registration
    • Prior to the 2-days course you are expected to have read "Digital Transformation - 10 skills your organization should master and 3 that you need" both as a printed book and audio book (in Danish or English, as you prefer) and "Digital Maturity – Strategy, Technology, Organization and leadership in 5 generations“ (in Danish or English, as you prefer). Both books by Pernille Kræmmergaard.  
  • Feedback on your initial case and assistance in analyzing test-result as well as sparring sessions during the case-work.
  • 12-months access to DI2X' Resource Center, including a “closed” certification section. We'll keep you updated on new materials in the Resource Center, updated research-based knowledge, slides from the course, webinars, overview of new certified people in your new network, updated cases, etc. to keep your digital mindset up-to-date.
  • Access to knowledge sharing workshops, new use-cases and the other people taking a certification, as well as the people who are already certified, forming a network for life-long learning.
  • A personal certificate documenting your completion of the certification program and the year of completion.

Register for the Program

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