DI2X Partner Programs

At DI2X, we want our Frameworks and Tools to help as many people and organizations as possible.

Become a partner and help us - as well as our clients.
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Digial Capabilities DI2X Partnership

Four out of five organizations do not fulfil their strategic digital ambitions.

Partner with us to change that!

Do you work with digital transformation?

Making real change happen in organizations, engaging people to take an active role?

Then you know - as well as we do - that it can be complex to identify new areas of digital focus and break down the organizational challenges and barriers in a constantly changing digital world. Our tools are designed to aid you and your clients with exactly that.

DI2X offers two types of partnerships:

Certified partner

Fully certified in all DI2X tools and frameworks, you will be able to help your own clients as well as ours, facilitating or implementing  the changes they need to make to succeed with their Digital Transformation.

We expect any consultant or employee working as a DI2X Certified Partner to complete a full DI2X Certification in Digital Leadership.

The in-depth certification will enable you as a partner to get the full value of our tools and to guide clients. We link strategy, organizational structure, and leadership with technology in a comprehensive, thorough, and effective approach. Our digital tools and certification programs turn intuitions into clear and concrete actions.

Sales partner

Become an agent of change! We offer you a toolbox to help others.

If you have a large network in your business community that you think would profit from our tools and service, but you are not interested in becoming an implementation partner for your clients, this is the right partnership for you.

All Sales Partners must complete a 1-day virtual sales certification.

Who can become a DI2X partner?

We enter into partnership with companies, interest groups, independent consultants, and sales agents. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity for you, we would love to tell you more.

Reach out today

Contact us at di2x@di2x.com or at +45 5076 4111 if you want more information on becoming a DI2X partner.

Peter Sondergaard and Pernille Kræmmergaard discussing DI2X Partner Program

We help our partners succeed

Our clients are only a success when our partners succeed. It's important to us that you as a partner have the insight and materials you need. 

All the materials you need

In our Resource Center, our partners can find a full slide deck to effectively pitch our tools and services, as well as 1-pagers ready to print and bring to meetings.  You will also find comprehensive learning materials and inspiration in the form of video, webinars, books and articles.

Two levels of certification

DI2X partners all have selected employees who are certified in the two frameworks and associated DI2X tests and tools. This guarantees the right level of knowledge when the tools are used for the good of the end-customer.

Our Sales Partners undergo a 1-day virtual certification, while our Certified Partners must complete the full DI2X Certification in Digital Leadership. Please reach out to us if you want to know more.

"As a DI2X Partner I have a professionally strong development organization behind me, while at the same time being part of an ecosystem where we all work with the same very valid frameworks."

Mogens Steffensen
DI2X Partner

Mogens Steffensen DI2X Partner
Klaus Larsen and Pernille Kræmmergaard discussing DI2X Partnership

What we do

Our ambition at DI2X is to improve that all leaders and managers achieve a higher level of digital maturity - for themselves and their organizations. We help them: 

  • Get an overview
  • Boost the ability to move forward
  • Create confidence in the journey towards a higher level of digital maturity.

We could never do that without the help of our dedicated partners.

As a Digital Leadership Research Institute, we want our theoretical frameworks and web-based tools to help as many people and organizations as possible.

That's why we collaborate with others on the use of the tools in their own practice towards their customers.

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