The goal is for our clients to get an overview and be able to set the digital direction themselves.

We meet clients where they are and create openings for new needs, look into the future and make visible what they may not yet know they need.
Peter Sondergaard meeting with Pernille Kræmmergaard and Klaus Larsen from Region Nordjylland


Region Nordjylland DI2X Case: The road to a digital business model
The road to a digital business model

Through participation in Masterclass in Digital Transformation at DI2X, Region Nordjylland has gained insight and knowledge on how focusing on the use of technology and digitalization can help them on their way to increased digital maturity.

”We need customized solutions”

As a pension company in Denmark, PenSam faces several challenges and opportunities that emphasize the importance of digital transformation in order to meet customer needs and expectations and increase efficiency and competitiveness.

Popermo DI2X Case: ”Now we know our digital competencies and digital maturity”
”Now we know our digital competencies and digital maturity”

For IT Manager at Popermo Forsikring, Bjørn Damsgaard, a Corporate Subscription and the use of analytical tools from DI2X have helped both him and the company to focus on a common language about digitalization, competence development and strategy.

Verdo DI2X Case: VERDO executes their Business Strategy digitally
VERDO executes their Business Strategy digitally

In these years, the energy concern, Verdo, is boosting digitalization and sustainable growth. Read about how Verdo’s Supply Division collaborates with DI2X, and how attending Masterclass in Digital Transformation has become the start of Verdo’s digital transformation journey.

Odense Universitetshospital (OUH) DI2X Case: Competency Development and common language
Competency Development and common language

At the turn of the year 2020/2021, Odense University Hospital (OUH) wanted to convert the strategic ambition of digital transformation into a real transformation of the entire hospital. Therefore, a three-year effort was initiated with a focus on competence development of managers and employees.

Norwegian flag - Norwegian municipalities leading the digital transformation
Development of digital mindset among many managers simultaneously

The municipalities in several Norwegian regions saw a need not only to put digitalization and digital transformation on the agenda, but to work in depth to create digital mindsets among the central leaders. The goal with the one-year effort was to create a common starting point for the work with their further digital transformation.


You'll be in great company

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