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Through participation in Masterclass in Digital Transformation at DI2X, Region Nordjylland has gained insight and knowledge on how focusing on the use of technology and digitalization can help them on their way to increased digital maturity.
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The road to a digital business model

Klaus Larsen, Director of Digitalization & IT at the Region of North Jutland, participated in the first Masterclass at DI2X in January 2016, and it was the start of a focused effort to work with the region's digital transformation. Following his participation in the Masterclass, a joint kickoff workshop was held for the top 50 managers and executives in the organization, together with Pernille Kræmmergaard, CEO of DI2X. As a direct outcome, 50 additional employees subsequently completed the Masterclass in Digital Transformation.

Our top management had to understand why digitalization was a help and not a barrier - and something they had to take responsibility for and invest in. They needed to see the potential, and let the potential be the driver, rather than waiting for a problem to arise - and in that way slowly start to transform to a digital business model.Klaus Larsen, Director, Region Nordjylland.

They are now all assisting to embed digitalization into the everyday work of healthcare, and with their shared digital mindset, they can look into how healthcare in the region, can be supported with technology and digital capabilities in the future. It is essential that leaders do not see digitalization as a problem, but rather an investment for the whole region.

”Technology will be the one to help us in the future...” Klaus Larsen, Director, Region Nordjylland.

Region Nordjylland's digitalization

Many employees have already participated in the Masterclass in Digital Transformation, and the region has now gone a step further and certified several senior employees in Digital Leadership. They are doing this to ensure the knowledge and know-how to meet the challenges of the future.

”Digitalization is already helping us today. But with the challenges we face as a society, with less hands for the growing amount of diseases in society, it must be technology that will help us in the future.”

Klaus Larsen, Director, Region Nordjylland.

Putting the citizen first

Through the cooperation with DI2X, Region Nordjylland has put even more focus on their digital transformation and increased their digital maturity. For the region, one focus point on the road to increased digital maturity stands out:

Ensuring that the needs of the citizens are met.

Citizens must be offered simple and effective digital solutions that will increase citizen satisfaction. This is an important focus point at a time of shortage of hands in healthcare.

”We need to ensure that management has a certain level - and your (DI2X) offer is still the best, in our view - and that's why we continue to educate people with your programmes”

Klaus Larsen, Director, Digitalization & IT, Region Nordjylland 

Klaus Larsen - Director of Digitalization & IT, Region Nordjylland  Foto: Lars Horn, Baghuset

”There is currently a lot of focus on community hospitals and the challenges of lack of hands in the health sector. As a region we need to lead the way and show what the potential is if we understand technology and digitalization. We need to find solutions.”

Klaus Larsen, Director, Region Nordjylland.

For Region Nordjylland and the Department of Digitalization & IT, the cooperation with DI2X has helped to ensure the right digital skills and increased digital maturity among staff.

Employees continuously strengthen their digital skills, which contributes to their work on digitalization awareness in the organization, as well as helping them with the development of digital solutions in general.

The region has worked on the competency development of the strategic level and Masterclass for the roles who work specifically with digitalization in the region. Competences that both staff, managers and directors use in everyday life to create  improved  digital solutions in healthcare system.

Close cooperation between the region and DI2X

If you would like to hear more about how the Region of North Jutland is working with the implementation of digital transformation, Director Klaus Larsen is part of the DI2X Masterclass in Digital Transformation as a speaker. Here, Klaus will tell you more about how transformation takes place and how collaboration proceeds. He also explains why it is crucial that the IT department takes on the role of driving digital transformation.

About Region Nordjylland

The region provides public services to the people of Northern Jutland in a number of different areas. The region's most important task is the operation of hospitals, health insurance and other tasks in the health field. The region also takes care of cross-sectoral regional development and runs social services. In almost all areas, the region carries out its tasks in close cooperation with the municipalities.

Klaus Larsen, IT Director at Region Nordjylland

Klaus Larsen, Director of Digitalization & IT in Region Nordjylland, is responsible for the digital transformation in the region and at the various hospitals and clinical practices.

Klaus has worked in the region for more than 20 years, and has an in-depth knowledge of healthcare. A knowledge that, according to him, is essential to succeed with the digital transformation that is taking place in the region.

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