As a pension company in Denmark, PenSam faces several challenges and opportunities that emphasize the importance of digital transformation in order to meet customer needs and expectations and increase efficiency and competitiveness.

”We need customized solutions”

That is why Customer Director Pia Højrup Clausen and the two Heads of Department, Jakob Stenum Poulsen and Charlotte Kjærsgaard Ziegler, chose to participate in DI2X's Masterclass in Digital Transformation.

The awareness of transformation has come in the wake of more knowledge. New knowledge about data and technology and what digital transformation requires in terms of leadership. Now they have to decide how they want to use it in the rest of the organization.

”As an organization, we need a digital mindset and a common language if we are to succeed with our digital transformation in the future and get digitalization even better integrated into our business.”. Pia Højrup Clausen, Customer Director, PenSam.  

”The fact that several of us have participated together has given us a common framework to work from. We have gained structured knowledge and a common understanding of the frameworks and digital transformation in general. The 10+3 framework on Organizational Capabilities has really been an eye-opener for us and has given rise to many exciting dialogues afterwards.” Jakob Stenum Poulsen, Head of Department, PenSam

The goal is now to involve the rest of the organization even more in the work with digital transformation, and Pia and her colleagues are looking forward to this work. It is very important that the entire organization is involved, and that top management is at the forefront and leads the transformation.

Another goal of the participation was to be well equipped to drive the process so that everyone understands the need to focus on digitalization and create learning and knowledge about digital transformation throughout the organization.

”Technological development is moving very fast, and at PenSam we have an ongoing focus on implementing digital solutions to improve the customer experience and reduce manual processes. To succeed with this, it is crucial that we are well equipped and have a common frame of reference around Digital Transformation." Pia Højrup Clausen, Customer Director, PenSam. 

”A great benefit of participating in the Masterclass is that we have gained tools and a common language - a linguistic awareness of digital transformation and tools and knowledge that we can easily translate and use at home in the organization." says Charlotte Kjærsgaard Ziegler, Head of Department, PenSam

About PenSam

PenSam is a Danish pension company based in Furesø Municipality. PenSam provides labor market pensions to FOA's professional groups, which includes employees in municipalities, regions and private companies - a total of more than 480,000 customers.

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