Danish Geodata Agency

The Danish Geodata Agency collects, quality assures and disseminates authoritative data in the real estate and hydrographic fields.

The Danish Geodata Agency's business is based on the ability to understand how to utilize technology and available data, as well as a good dialogue with the users of the agency's services. To ensure that they remain up-to-date and technologically relevant, the Danish Geodata Agency has worked strategically with digital transformation in recent years.

Digital Transformation as a catalyst

In the fall of 2020, the Danish Geodata Agency held a staff day for the entire organization with a focus on digital transformation and change. The goal was to get a taste of digital transformation as a concept and start a conversation about the topic.

As part of the day, a workshop was organized with Pernille Kræmmergaard, who framed the understanding of digital transformation. All participants had previously evaluated the agency's digital maturity through DI2X's Tool, so the discussions were based on an analysis of the results. It was a day filled with good energy and valuable dialogues:

”It provided the foundation for a deeper understanding that it's about the transformation we need to achieve as a company, which is why we've made digital transformation a key strategic element of our strategy,says Jesper Nørgaard Andersen, Head of Office, Danish Geodata Agency, and and continues:

So what is digital transformation for us? We have spent a lot of time talking about this, and there is no single answer, because it is basically about being in constant motion and interacting with the needs, expectations and opportunities that exist in relation to the societal tasks we solve."

The right competencies are essential

After the first managers and employees participated in the Masterclass, the conversation about digital transformation has gained momentum, which has helped to ensure that there is a focus on new technologies and methods, and that employees are also digital profiles who are bilingual in the sense that they connect technology and business:

"The masterclass has given us a shared mindset and a common framework to anchor the digital focus and help set the right strategic direction in our area," says Sophie Hohwü-Christensen, Chief consultant at Geodatastyrelsen.

The masterclass has contributed to an increased internal focus on work processes, competencies, technology and data, but also on focusing on users.

”It is our duty to do so, because otherwise the real digital transformation in society can't take place, ” Jesper says.

"Both teams have benefited greatly from the Masterclass and the awareness of digital transformation it has given us as an organization. We will continue to use the learning from the Masterclass going forward in the development of the Danish Nautical Chart Office - both the purely theoretical part and the many cases and examples."

Sophie Hohwü-Christensen
Chief Consultant, Danish Geodata Agency

Data quality is crucial for our product development

Data quality is crucial to the Geodata Agency's success with digital transformation. As an organization that works with geographic data, it is essential to have accurate and trustworthy data in order to deliver valuable services to users.

The Danish Geodata Agency is aware of its role in the ecosystem, and this is reflected in the organization's commitment to the Basic Data Programme, which improves data quality, increases efficiency in the public sector and creates new opportunities for innovation and growth in society.

According to Jesper, the basic data program has already enabled a huge use of data: "Free and open access to basic data acts as a catalyst for innovation and growth, and many companies are leveraging this data in new and creative ways to create digital services, and thus next-level digital transformation for the benefit of their customers."


Another example of innovative data usage is the collaboration between the Geodata Agency and Sternula, a satellite operator. Together, they have developed a solution that extracts depth data from a network of ships simultaneously via satellites:"This way, we continuously get depth data into the system, which we will use to improve our nautical charts in different situations," says Jesper.

Masterclass has created the foundation for thinking differently

The anchoring of the digital focus on data has changed the common mindset and direction of the organization, and insights from the Digital Transformation Masterclass have created curiosity and openness to the data available around us and how it can be used in new ways.

Herein lies the potential for future development both internally in the organization and externally as new digital opportunities emerge that can both raise the quality of the Danish Geodata Agency's services and benefit users and society.

”We actively promote an agile approach to business. In a constantly evolving world, it's important that our organization can adapt and respond quickly to new demands and challenges.”

Jesper Nørgaard Andersen, Head of Office, Danish Geodata Agency.

About the Danish Geodata Agency

The Danish Geodata Agency is a Danish authority that collects, manages and publishes geographical data and maps and employs approximately 160 people.

The Danish Geodata Agency collects, quality assures and disseminates authoritative data across authorities and stakeholders for the benefit of society as a whole.

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