Competency Development of managers in Norwegian Municipalities

Competency Development and a shared language for Digital Transformation
Anja and Eirin from DI2X discussing digital transformation

Development of digital mindset among many managers simultaneously

The municipalities in several Norwegian regions saw a need not only to put digitalization and digital transformation on the agenda, but to work in depth to create digital mindsets among the central leaders and create a common starting point for the work with their further digital transformation.

Therefore, a number of competence development courses have, since 2021, been initiated for top managers in regional groupings of municipalities.


Municipalities under their own region/county municipality

Participating leaders:
Typically 300 leaders, executives as well as key people from IT and digitalization from each municipality

Cross-cutting working group across the participating municipalities

Norwegian flag - Norwegian municipalities leading the digital transformation

Blended learning for many management groups

In order to strengthen cooperation and knowledge sharing between the municipalities in a region and at the same time save time and resources in doing so, a joint course was designed with the help of DI2X in Norway.

The course supported leader groups in working in depth with the themes organization, management, strategy, and technology over four modules.

The courses combined DI2X' tests, individual and collective online learning, work in one's own management group as well as dialogue and sparring across the management groups.

Each of the modules included a full-day event with inspirational contributions from a leading figure, professional contributions, mapping tests from DI2X, cases from digitally mature organizations, and discussions within and across leadership groups.

Both prior to and after the event, the leaders worked individually and in their own management team with materials and processes made available to them digitally.

The digital learning elements were a combination of videos, articles, and more from DI2X’ Resource Center, tailor-made materials, for example with sector-specific cases, and process supportive materials, such as reflection and ambition exercises.

Mindset, cooperation, and action

The courses have created digital mindsets in the individual leaders, management groups, and municipalities, but also promoted dialogue and cooperation among the participating municipalities.

Furthermore, the participation has given the individual management groups a common picture of what their starting point is and equipped them to make decisions on how they will concretely work further with the digital transformation in the short and long term.

Eirin and Peter from DI2X holding a presentation on Digital Compentency

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