Organizational Capabilities

Use the Organizational Capabilities tool to assess your organizational capabilities to succeed with Digital Transformation – based on our framework Organizational Capabilities.

With our Organizational Capabilities Tool you can

  • Map the current state of the organization’s capabilities for digital transformation
  • Get intuitive graphics to engage your entire organization
  • Clearly see which capabilities and competencies you need to achieve your strategic ambitions and goals (if you do not know your digital strategic ambitions and goals - we recommend using the Digital Maturity tool
  • Get an overview of the capabilities you need to succeed with Digital Transformation. On the board, among executives, in management, or the entire organization
  • Develop your organization's capabilities and use the tool to continually track your progress
  • Map the current level of capability for each part of your organization and see the difference among respondents
  • If your tracking shows some departments falling behind, you can target specific efforts as needed
  • Benchmark between teams, departments, over time, etc.
And much more.
Organizational Capabilities Tool software preview

How does the Organizational Capabilities tool work?

The analysis provides insight into where it is beneficial to make efforts to strengthen weak and / or strategically important organizational capabilities.

This makes a good starting point for an often difficult dialogue around, for example, where to start, new strategic focus areas, programs for competence development, etc.

The organization's capabilities are evaluated in 4 main areas:
  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Organization
  • Leadership
Read more about the framework "Organizational Capabilities for Digital Transformation"

Introduction to Organizational Capabilities

Watch the video for an introduction to the Organizational Capabilities framework, or read the short paper which introduces the organizational capabilities needed for digital transformation. This is particularly relevant before the mapping of Organizational Capabilities.

This video is in Danish

Using the tool spurs reflection

All the questions in the mappings are formulated so that they in themselves create reflection by the person answering the self-evaluation mapping. The analysis and the intuitive graphics subsequently provide an overview of and insight into the capabilities that the organization has and which it needs to develop further, as well as insight into what the individual capabilities cover. The self-evaluation mapping is an opportunity to reflect on what is most important for the company or organization and how the right capabilities can be obtained.

Follow your progress

As you your organizational capabilities evolve and you move towards your strategic objectives, use the tools to continually track your progress. Does every department or business unit have the capabilities they need? Measuring regularly will keep your organization focused. 

Using the DI2X Tools
Cecilie Aarnes Kjos Senior Advisor HR in the Police ICT Department, Norway

"In the analysis of the Organizational Capabilities test results, leadership and organization has been particularly interesting for me to examine, in relation to the digital maturity of managers and employees. This will be useful input for our future work in leadership development and management team development.

Furthermore, we will be able to use several aspects in our work with the preparation and further development of strategic competence planning and competence profiles as well as strategic recruitment. I imagine that we can combine results from our mappings of digital maturity and organizational capabilities with results from our PULS surveys and employee surveys to focus on developing our organization in the direction we want it to move."

Cecilie Aarnes Kjos
HR Senior Advisor
Norwegian Police IT Unit

Map your Organization - are you ready for Digital Transformation?

Do you have the right skills to succeed with Digital Transformation?

Discover the 4x4 capabilities you need to succeed

DI2X' research-based test maps the 12 capabilities your organization should master and the 4 capabilities management need. Read more about our Organizational Capabilities framework.

If you want digitalization to become a part of your strategy and if you are searching for a common language to set goals and drive implementation, then you have come to the right place.

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Your own learning begins here, so take your time

We've designed our mappings to be a part of your learning experience. So it's probably a little more complex than other online tools you know. You need approx. 15 minutes to complete the mapping. As you go through the questions, take time to reflect on the mastering of digital transformation in your organization and on the changes you would like to see. Your reflections are as important as your answers.

Results to act on

After you have completed the mapping, you can see your results mapped out in intuitive graphics. Click to drill down and see more detail. When you use the tool in your organization with respondents from different departments or seniorites, the mapping of responses in dashboards becomes a valuable conversation starter.

DI2X Office at Budolfi Plads view

Morten Stage - Head of Sales - DI2X Denmark

Take charge of your digital transformation

Are you interested in dialogue on how your organization can benefit from our Tools, programs and services? Or do you just have a couple of questions? You might be looking for a partner to collaborate with you on the DI2X Tools and services?

Please reach out to Strategic Advisor Morten Stage at or +45 5076 4111, he'd be happy to hear from you.

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