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For IT Manager at Popermo Insurance, Bjørn Damsgaard, access to DI2X Tools have helped both him and the company to focus on a common language about digitalization, competence development and strategy.
Popermo DI2X Case: ”Now we know our digital competencies and digital maturity”

”Now we know our digital competencies and digital maturity”

Back in September 2022, Bjørn Damsgaard, IT Manager at Popermo Insurance, bought acecss to DI2X Tools, after reading Pernille Kræmmergaard's books on digital transformation and digital maturity. Back then, it was to help Bjørn Damsgaard with data for his master thesis, but also to acquire knowledge and skills to move the company in the direction of digitalization.

”The data has given me the opportunity to pull out results that show where management disagrees and where we are successful. It won't help if the management team each has their own view of what the world looks like. We need to be clear about this internally," says Bjørn Damsgaard, IT Director, Popermo Insurance", says Bjørn Damsgaard.

Bjørn Damsgaard IT Manager at Popermo Insurance

”Pernille's books and methodological framework are a tool to get the important discussions going about what to do as an organization when it comes to strategic initiatives”. Bjørn Damsgaard, IT-Manager, Popermo Insurance.

With a better and broader understanding of the framework and a common language within the company, it is now possible for Popermo Insurance to have relevant discussions about their digital maturity today and aspirations for the future.  This gives Popermo clarity on where to focus now and going forward. Bjørn has actively used the frameworks from DI2X in the preparation of his master thesis and Popermo Insurance is now ready to take the results into their further digital development.

With access to both DI2X's Resource Center and Online Tools, more than 15 employees, including Bjørn Damsgaard, managers and several key staff, have tested their digital maturity and organizational capabilities (skills) for digital transformation. This has enabled them to discuss digital maturity based on their own data.

About Popermo Insurance

Popermo is a Danish insurance company and a member of the Guarantee Fund for Non-Life Insurance Companies. Popermo sells all types of private insurance to selected member groups, including employees of the police and courts, selected agencies and ministries.


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