Pernille Kræmmergaard

CEO & Founder

MSc(Econ.) and PhD.
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Pernille Kræmmergaard is the founder and CEO of DI2X - The Digitalization Institute and member of the Digital Wise Men's Council at ATV. She holds an MSc in International Business, a PhD in Organizational and Technological Change and is a former Professor of Digitalization and IT Management at Aalborg University and Visiting Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen.

For more than 25 years, Pernille has researched how value is created with new technology, IT and Data in companies and organizations, and what demands this places on the organization and its capabilities and on leaders and their competencies. In her research, she focuses on the interplay between Strategy, Technology, Organization and Leadership in both private companies and public organizations and what it takes to digitally transform the organization.

She has published more than 100 academic articles in journals and academic conferences at home and abroad and has won several awards at international conferences for her research. Based on her long-standing research, she has most recently developed two frameworks for understanding and leading digital development in organizations, Digital Maturity and Organizational Capabilities for Digital Transformation. Both frameworks have been published in book form in several languages, including in Danish by Djøf Publishing and in Norwegian by Cappelen Damm Akademisk*.

She is a frequent speaker and debater and has is still a member of a large number of councils and committees, she is a former external evaluator at Rigsrevisionen in Denmark, a member of the Digital Wise Men's Council under the auspices of ATV and co-founder of the Professional Data Ethics Council.

She has given numerous lectures in Denmark and abroad and has more than 25 years of experience in the development of business-oriented management education in both university and private settings. Among other things, she has served as head of the master's program in IT management at the IT University of Copenhagen and initiated the master's degree in IT management at Aalborg University. Today, she is the head of the masterclass in Digital Transformation at DI2X and the certification program in Digital Leadership at the same place.

Together with colleagues in DI2X, she has developed two online tools that enable others to use their own data to map their own organization's digital maturity and their own capabilities for digital transformation, and an associated Resource Center with online learning materials.

She has a passion for the fact that theory can and should make a difference in practice, and is committed to giving leaders, companies and organizations "new concepts to grasp and theories to navigate from". This, in combination with a growing need for leaders and organizations to become smarter and more prepared for the digital reality, drove her to establish DI2X - The Digitization Institute in 2015 and then to put all her efforts into the company.

*Kræmmergaard, Pernille (2021) Digital Maturity: Strategy, Technology, Organization and Leadership in 5 Generations, Djøf Publications
Kræmmergaard, Pernille (2019) Organizational Capabilities for Digital Transformation: 10 Capabilities your Organization should Master - and 3 you Need, Djøf Publishing

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