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Competency Development and a shared language for Digital Transformation
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Competency Development and shared language

At the turn of the year 2020/2021, Odense University Hospital (OUH) wanted to convert the strategic ambition of digital transformation into a real transformation of the entire hospital. Therefore, a three-year effort was initiated with a focus on competence development of managers and employees.


Tools and support for internal facilitation

The responsibility for the effort was placed with Clinical Development, a staff function that also carries the responsibility for the general competence development in the whole hospital. Clinical Development designated three internal consultants to be responsible for and handle the competence development efforts in practice.

The involved consultants at OUH were certified in the use of the frameworks and tools in order to get to know the frameworks as well as be capable of applying the tools in practice.


Type of organization:

11.111 (May 2021)

DKK 7,6 BN. (2022)

The same staff function that handles other competence development (Clinical Development)

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In connection with the competence development effort, the plan is for the test tools to be used to identify specific competence development needs and for learning elements from the Resource Center to be subsequently used by the consultants to implement various measures of competence development. In combination with the consultants' understanding of everyday life, work tasks, and other efforts at OUH, the expectation is that it will enable them to adapt the competence development initiatives to the needs of the individual managers, employees and departments, both in terms of the specific content and the manner in which the initiative will be completed.

In order to start the competence development effort and to create a common language about digital transformation throughout the hospital, and to achieve a common understanding of the need for change in order to reach the future desired digital maturity, it was decided that there should be a number of kick-off workshops. First with the top management and top management, and subsequently continuously with managers from the various departments.

Prior to the kick-off workshops, participants must answer the Digital Maturity Test. At the workshop, test results are discussed with a focus on both the current maturity and the ambition for the future level of maturity. Subsequently, the plan is to focus on the need for competence development in order to reach the desired maturity in the future. The framework Organizational Capabilities is used for this. The framework is presented to the participants after which they answer the test. Based on discussions of the test results, the goal is for the participants to identify which competencies they assess should be strengthened locally in order to realize the digital ambitions.

After the kick-off workshops, the internal consultants will organize specific competence development initiatives adapted to the individual managers, employees, and departments.


A common starting point

The aim of the effort is to initiate fruitful and professional discussions among the leaders of the continued digital transformation at the hospital and provide an insight into which competencies they themselves and their department need strengthened. Clinical Development and the internal consultants are given frameworks and tools to help identify competence development needs and “learning elements” to use in connection with the targeted local competence development initiatives.


Odense University Hospital Digital Competencies for the new hospital being built now

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