Haakon Johansen

CCO & Senior Advisor
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As the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Strategic Advisor at DI2X, Haakon Johansen is deeply committed to empowering businesses to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Haakon joined the DI2X-team in February 2023. He strongly believes that the services that DI2X provides will enable leaders to be more successful in their efforts to create more digital mature organizations. The frameworks developed by our founder, Pernille Kræmmergaard, are rooted in in-depth research and real-life applications, and is therefore the foundation for DI2X’s services.   

Throughout Haakon’s career, he has successfully navigated the dynamic world of digital transformation and have played pivotal roles in driving change and growth within prominent organizations. In his previous position as VP Consumer Market at Amedia, a leading newspaper group in Norway, Haakon played an important role in the company’s transformative journey towards a digital business model. The groundbreaking work at Amedia, recognized world-wide, resulted in significant growth for the digital subscription business. This transformation was possible because the entire organization was working towards a common North Star, meaning that the company’s strategy, technology, organization and leadership played on the same team. 

Prior to that, I honed my expertise in Customer Experience Management during my tenure at Capgemini Invent and T-Mobile US. My focus on creating exceptional customer journeys and delivering seamless interactions has been instrumental in enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction. With an end-customer focus we were able to utilize technology to reach our business objectives. 

Notably, at Norway Post, I led the brand management efforts, spearheading the development of the new brand Bring and modernization of the Posten brand. This experience enabled me to comprehend the crucial link between brand identity and digital transformation, underscoring the importance of aligning organizational values with cutting-edge technological advancements. 

In my current capacity at DI2X, I am passionately committed to helping organizations embrace digital transformation to achieve their business objectives.  

Haakon Johansen - Senior Advisor - DI2X Norway


Haakon Johansen



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