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At DI2X we always look for opportunities to share our knowledge. Keep a look out on this page for current and future events. Please note that if we have limited seats then we reserve the right to turn down selected participants, such as competitors.

Upcoming webinars

24.01.2023 | 15.00-16.00 – WEBINAR: IT standards IN DANISH
Jan Damsgaard, Professor at Copenhagen Business School explains why we should care about standards.
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17.11.2022 - WEBINAR: A New Approach To Sustainability IN ENGLISH
Digitopia introduces their Sustainability Maturity Index and how it can assitst companies in the journey towards Sustainability.


15.11.2022 – WEBINAR: All the Organizational Capabilities You Need to Succeed IN ENGLISH
Pernille Kræmmergaard will at this webinar present the 10+3 Organizational Capabilities & Leadership Competences necessary to succeed with Digital Transformation, based on her Book "Digital Transformation". Before the webinar the participant will be able to test their own Organizational Capabilities.


14.11.2022 – WEBINAR: KOMBIT - IT collaboration between local govnerments in Denmark IN ENGLISH
Thomas Rysgaard Christiansen, former CEO in KOMBIT, explains what others can learn from the Danish municipalities' collaboration in Kombit.

02.11.2022 – WEBINAR: Digital Maturity IN DANISH
Pernille Kræmmergaard, CEO at DI2X, presents the 5 generations of DI2X' Digital Maturity framework and explains how maturity can be mapped with our Online Tools.


21.09.2022 – WEBINAR: Real-time Management IN ENGLISH
Professor Omar El Sawy, USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles and Dean of Education Pernille Rydén, Copenhagen IT University, explain what real-time means and what leaders should take into account.


05.05.2022 – WEBINAR: Use of DI2X Tools in strategy development IN DANISH
Mogens Steffensen, Partner Assessit Denmark, talks about how he, as a DI2X partner, has used the tools within a medium sized Danish company.


06.04.2022 – WEBINAR: Digital Transformation at the Danish Safety Technology Authority IN DANISH
Former director Lone Saaby presents the Danish Safety Technology Authority's transformational journey from traditional government agency to a modern digital authority.


29.03.2022 – WEBINAR: Developing Competencies and a Digital Mindset in Norwegian Municipalities IN NORWEGIAN
Eirin Folde, daily manager of DI2X Norway, explains how she organizes and facilitates Digital Mindset Training Programs for top managers in Norwegian municipalities.


23.-24.03.2022 – Dansk IT: OffDig konference IN DANISH
Meet our CEO Pernille Kræmmerggard in a panel discussion or our CSO Henrik Andersen for an Ignite presentation at Denmark's largest conference for public digitalisation. Read more on OffDig's website.


22.03.2022 – WEBINAR: Digital Transformation Post Pandemic


02.03.2022 – WEBINAR: Digitalization on the Executive Agenda IN DANISH
Peter Sondergaard, former Executive Vice President with the Gartner Group, elaborates on the executive agenda driving Digital Transformation.


02.03.2022 – Digital Transformation Post Pandemic

Join this live event where we will officially launch DI2X as a company and look forward to presenting an interesting program od highly profiled speakers followed by networking.


01.03.2022  –  Digital Transformation Post Pandemic


Join this live event in Copenhagen where we will officially launch DI2X as a company and look forward to presenting an interesting program od highly profiled speakers followed by networking.


7.02.2022  –  Webinar for DI2X certified

01.11.2021 "Soft launch" of DI2X Our website is now available and we're planning the official launch of DI2X. Please feel free to reach out to us.