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VERDO executes their Business Strategy digitally

In these years, the energy concern, Verdo, is boosting digitalization and sustainable growth. DI2X, Verdo’s Supply Division is digitalized, and this has become the start of Verdo’s digital transformation journey.
It Started with a Misunderstanding

In Autumn 2021, part of Verdo’s management participated in DI2X’ – Masterclass in Digital Transformation for the first time.

"This was not only the start of digital competence building in the organization but also the starting point for a shared organizational mindset and common language in the work with the execution of Verdo’s business strategy from a digital perspective", Annette Jelle, former CIO at Verdo, tells.

A new Business Strategy

Prior to this, Verdo’s Supply Division had worked intensively on the development of a new business strategy and requested a digital strategy from the IT department now. However, the IT department declined. Instead, they pointed out that it was the business strategy that had to be executed digitally.

“When the participants returned, I experienced that they had acquired a common language.At the same time, DI2X’s program had given them concrete tools for working with the digitalization in our company” Margrete Larsen, CHRO, Verdo.

DI2X – Masterclass

The first team from Verdo that participated in DI2X’ Masterclass came from different areas in the Supply Division with different competencies and from several organizational levels. This turned out to have a great effect on the further work at Verdo, and, at the same time, it created a uniform understanding of digitalization.  

"It would be a misunderstanding to work with two parallel strategies in the Supply Division. Instead, the focus should lie on one strategy which supports both the business and IT in an equal partnership", Annette Jelle, former CIO at Verdo, continues.

A shared framework

This became Verdo’s starting point for sending the executive management team,  several managers, and specialists at Masterclass. And later to engage a Digital Leadership Coach from DI2X, sign up for a corporate subscription, and certify own employees in Digital Leadership.

The common language and DI2X’s tools enable Verdo to maintain and develop the company’s digital maturity and competencies, develop digital solutions, maintain and increase the growth, and competitive advantages.

Concrete Action Plans and the Work With 10+3 organizational capabilities

With Masterclass and the tools from DI2X, a common action plan has now been developed, and concrete initiatives have been defined to ensure that the business strategy is executed digitally.

At Verdo, the participation in Masterclass has also meant that greater awareness has been created, and a renewed focus on how they can create digital solutions that they have not seen before. 

"The fact that we have a monopoly on delivery in our supply areas means that we have an even greater responsibility to constantly do things better. We must be at the forefront of challenges that the customers face and act proactively. With the knowledge we have today about digitalization, we are now able to think more concentrated and purposefully in creating digital solutions for the benefit of our customers." Peter Nordahn, Head of Water and Digital Supply at Verdo, explains.

”We have learned from our participation in Masterclass and in the use of DI2X’s tools that we gain useful insight and knowledge, as well as relevant data to proceed.

This enables us to be more aware of the possibilities of digitalization and capable to drive the digital transformation we are working on”

Margrete Larsen, CHRO, Verdo.

Digital Focus Rooted in Verdo

At Verdo, digitalization is high on the strategic agenda – and with good reason. With digitalization, the basis for sustainable growth and development is created, contributing to Verdo’s strategic focus on green transition and sustainability.
At the same time, this signifies a need for tools, data, and technology that can support and be used in the digital journey and transformation.

Here, the Supply Division plays a significant role in being a leader in the organization for the digital journey and the cross-functional collaboration between the business and IT, which has resulted in, among other things, a new digital department in the Supply Division.

”We have learned from our participation in Masterclass and in the use of DI2X’s tools that we gain useful insight and knowledge, as well as relevant data to proceed.This enables us to be more aware of the possibilities of digitalization and capable to drive the digital transformation we are working on” Margrete Larsen, CHRO, Verdo.

Ambassador for the Digital Transformation

Verdo’s Digital Supply will be “first mover” in the organization and an ambassador for the digital transformation.

In order to succeed, it is crucial to define clear roles, responsibilities, and interfaces across the organization, as well as ensure the new organizational structure is implemented and anchored.

”Changes can be difficult, and we are a utility company which is also based on a long series of traditions with high professionalism and skilled employees.Therefore, it is of great importance in our transformation that we have created a shared language and volcabulary in order to communicate clearly “why we do this” and “why it makes sense” Peter Nordahn, Head of Water and Digital Supply, Verdo. 

”We already worked with digitalization and did many things right.

With Masterclass, we hit the nail on the head, and gained a uniform understanding of digitalization, which enabled us to work with a common action plan and work systematically and purposefully with digitalization and the 10+3 principles.”

Annette Jelle, former CIO, Verdo

The Forward-Looking Strategy

With digitalization anchored in the newly established department and the right competencies present, the foundation is in place for working dedicated with digital transformation.

Digital transformation requires leadership and tools to move the organization. Here, DI2X’s tools and the strategic partnership play a significant role.

Data leads the way

With data and mapping of the digital maturity in the organization, it is now

possible, to a greater extent, to identify the barriers to changes and initiate the necessary efforts to ensure the continuous development of the digital mindset, culture, and organizational capabilities at Verdo.

”For us, it is immensely beneficial to have a strategic partner like DI2X in our work to manage the digital transformation. It is important that we do not just continue “as usual” but become constructively challenged on our solutions and digital mindset. And we do.” Peter Nordahn, Head of Water and Digital Supply, Verdo.

About Verdo
  • Sector: Utilities
  • Revenue 2021: 2,5 billion DKK
  • 550 employees

Today, Verdo is organized as an amba and with a Representative Office as the highest authority. Verdo was established in 1874 and based on a societal need for energy.

Verdo is organized within five business areas which cover:
Electricity, Water, Heating, Technology & Lighting

Verdo develops green energy plants for industry and supply at home and abroad. They are among Europe’s leading suppliers of sustainable, certified biomass for industry and district heating plants, and Denmark’s largest supplier in the operation and maintenance of street lightning.
Verdo supplies its customers with heat, water, and electricity day and night, all year around.


Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen, CEO of Verdo

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