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Do you recognize these challenges:

  • How do we begin to formulate the ambition for our Digital Transformation and how do we identify the right strategic action points to execute?
  • How do we develop the organization to ensure that we have the Capabilities we need to succeed – and where do we begin?
  • How do we approach the Digital Transformation agenda? How do we have fruitful dialogues about it?
  • How do we ensure Digital Competencies amongst teams, executives, leaders, and employees to accelerate our Digital Transformation?
  • How do we benefit from tracking and measuring the progress of our efforts towards higher Digital Maturity?
  • How do we keep the Digital Mindset among managers, facilitators, consultants, HR partners, etc. up-to-date?
Our Resource Center provides you with what you need as a facilitator to help your organization meet these challenges
Digital Maturity
Organizational Capabilities
Resource Center

This tool shows the current digital maturity of your organization, and where it wants to be in 2 or 5 years.

In this way, the analyzes provide a common language for all managers in the organization to use. Making execution everyone’s job. The gap between the current situation and the future ambition will be clear for all to see.

This tool shows the organization's mastery of 10+3 organizational capabilities that are crucial to the organization's digital transformation.

In this way, the analyzes provide an insight into where it is beneficial to make efforts to strengthen weak and / or strategically important capabilities.

The Resource Center is our place to share our knowledge with you – assisting you to help others, or to help yourselves.

We provide articles, books, templates, cases, webinars and more, helping you to facilitate digital transformation and to keep you digital mindset up-to-date.

Get certified

For key employees or consultants, we offer an in-depth certification to help organizations get the full value of our frameworks and tools. Our certification programs aid leaders, management teams, and the whole organization’s ability to enhance their digital maturity.

What will I get?
You will be certified in the proven methodology and frameworks, and in using the tools in practice.  

“As a certified in user of the tools from DI2X I have been able to help my clients and collagues in their digital transformation journey. It really made all the difference.”

Eirin Folde
Country Manager Norway, Digitalization Institute