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DI2X offers two online tools - "Digital Maturity: 5 Generations" and "Organizational Capabilities for Digital Transformation". Read more below.

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Support your use of DI2X Tools and the development of a digital mindset in your organization. You'll find ready-to-go templates and slides as well as articles, webinars and videos that let you deep dive into new knowledge.


Learn how to support your colleagues or - if you are a consultant - your customers. Their journey towards a higher level of digital maturity will be easier with you as their certified guide.

Digital Maturity: 
5 Generations

The test 'Digital Maturity' shows the digital maturity of your organization. What is your level now, and how mature do you want it to be in 2 years? And in 5 years? The gap between the current situation and the future ambition will be clear for all to see.

The analysis also shows how each of the 5 generations is expressed in the organization today and what the wishes are for the future.

Digital maturity 5 generations
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10+3 Organizational Capabilities for Digital Transformation

This tool shows the organization's mastery of 10+3 organizational capabilities that are crucial to the organization's digital transformation. In this way, the analyzes provide an insight into where it is beneficial to make efforts to strengthen weak and / or strategically important capabilities.

The tool tests four main areas:

  • Strategy
    Digital Visionary, End-customer focus and eco-system
  • Technology
    Technological foresight, IT-Orchestration and Data-driven
  • Organization
    Ambidexterity, Agile, Competence-aware and Working Environment
  • Leadership
    Multiplicity, Tech- and data, Transformation leadership

Get certified

For key employees or consultants, we offer an in-depth certification to help organizations get the full value of our frameworks and tools. Our certification programs aid leaders, management teams and the whole organization’s ability to enhance their digital maturity.

What will I get?
You will be certified in the proven methodology and frameworks, and in using the tools in practice.  

“As a certified in user of the tools from DI2X I have been able to help my clients and collagues in their digital transformation journey. It really made all the difference.”

Eirin Folde
Country Manager Norway, Digitalization Institute