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Use the Digital Maturity Tool to discover 5 generations of digital maturity in your organization, or use the Organizational Capabilities Tool to assess your organizational capabilities to succeed with digital transformation in generation four and five.
Digital Modenhedstrappe Digital motetrapp Digital maturity

Digital Maturity

The Digital Maturity Tool lets you map the current state of your organization’s digital maturity as well as the needed maturity in two years and the ambitions to aspire for in five years.

Organizational Capabilities Organisatoriske Kapabiliteter Organisatoriske kapasiteter

Organizational Capabilities

The Organizational Capabilities Tool lets you map how your organization master the capabilities for digital transformation and readiness for the upper generations of Digital Maturity.


Take control of your digital transformation

Are you interested in a dialogue on how your organization can benefit from our Tools, programs and services? Or do you just have a couple of questions? You might be looking for a partner to collaborate with you on the DI2X Tools and services?

Please reach out to Morten Stage at mst@di2x.com or +45 5076 4111, he'd be happy to hear from you.

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