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- are you ready for Digital Transformation?

Discover the 10+3 capabilities you need to succeed

Do you have the right skills to succeed with Digital Transformation?

DI2X' research-based test maps the 10 capabilities your organization should master and the 3 capabilities management need. Read more about our Organizational Capabilities framework.

If you want digitalization to become a part of your strategy and if you are searching for a common language to set goals and drive implementation, then you have come to the right place.

Your own learning begins here, so take your time

We've designed our tests to be a part of your learning experience. So it's probably a little more complex than other online tools you know. You need approx. 20 minutes to complete the test. As you go through the questions, take time to reflect on the mastering of digital transformation in your organization and on the changes you would like to see. Your reflections are as important as your answers.

Results to act on

After you have completed the test, you can see your results mapped out in intuitive graphics. Click to drill down and see more detail. When you use the tool in your organization with respondents from different departments or seniorites, the mapping of responses in dashboards becomes a valuable conversation starter.

100% anonymous

Your answers will be completely anonymous. After taking the test, you can expore the result, to reviste the result late please make sure the save the original link to the test.

Test your organization

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What is your next step towards Digital Maturity?

You are without doubt already getting digitalized. But how far are you – and what is the goal really? What should the next steps be?

DI2X' research-based test maps the digital maturity of your organization.

Test your Digital Maturity
Strategy for Digital Transformation - DI2X

Let data 
power your 

Four out of five organizations do not fulfill their strategic digital ambitions. We would like to change that!
Technology for Digital Transformation - DI2X

Make technology 
a part of every 

Digital technology is the foundation for every organization. First step is to adopt a common language. We would like to provide that!
Organization for Digital Transformation - DI2X

your entire 

The more people involved in the digital transfomation journey, the more likely the organization is to succeed. We would like to make it possible!
Leadership for Digital Transformation - DI2X

Develop digital 
in leadership

All leaders must have an overview of the digital journey and direction to succeed. Our tools make that possible.

Take control of your digital transformation

Are you interested in a dialogue on how your organization can benefit from our Tools, programs and services? Or do you just have a couple of questions? You might be looking for a partner to collaborate with you on the DI2X Tools and services?

Please reach out to Morten Stage at mst@di2x.com or +45 5076 4111, he'd be happy to hear from you.