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Digital Transformation is not just another project, it is a journey towards increased digital maturity.

Our goal is to support your journey and make it possible to involve as many leaders and employees as you want, to measure progress, and to create value for all stakeholders.
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  • Do you want to make digitalization an integral part of your business strategy and measure impact?
  • Do you want to formulate the ambition for your digital transformation and identify strategic action points to execute?
  • Do you want to improve your organizational capabilities– and decision about which one to focus on first and next?
  • Do you want to create digital mindsets and develop competencies amongst executives and leaders to increase the digital maturity?

If you recognize one or more of these mission-critical priorities a Corporate Subscription is the right choice for you and your organization.

Mission-critical priorities are the key questions executives and managers are dealing with. They are questions to which the answer is not obvious, and the solution is often a multi-year effort.
For DI2X, the main mission-critical priorities we address with our corporate subscriptions are focused on an organization’s digital transformation and its organizational and leadership digital preparedness, and how to track and measure the progress.

With a Corporate Subscription we grow with you, continually offering new knowledge and insights to plan next step

Our Tool on Digital Maturity makes it possible for you reaching a common understanding of the current state, direction, and a common language for all managers.

Using the tool regularly enables you to evaluate and measure progress.
Our Organizational Capability Tool enables a rapid organizational assessment of the current state of organizational capabilities and digital competencies.

Using the tool regularly makes it possible for you to measure progress and plan next step.
In our Resource Center you will find articles, books, templates, cases, webinars, and more, helping you succeed.

Using our Resource Center makes it possible for you to facilitate digital transformation and to keep your digital mindset up-to-date.
Customer Service 
We will help you to onboard to ensure that you get a good start and follow up to ensure that you stay on track.

We support your journey and help you to identify areas with room for improvement, changes, output so far, need for coaching and next steps, etc.​

“Being evident in the communication around the transformation and strategy is paramount.

When a leadership team and managers across the organization jointly understand its current digital maturity and where it wants to be in 2 or 5 years, the outcome is a common language for all managers in the organization to use. Making execution everyone's job. That can only happen if there is a shared agreement on the current state, a common vision for the future, and a shared language. Our tools Digital Maturity makes it possible for you reach a common understanding of the current state, direction, and a common language for all managers. That would mean communication about the transformation becomes consistent.

You will be able to involve as many leaders and employees as you want, with diverse backgrounds and different competencies. However, when it comes to digital transformations, often digital competencies across the organization are limited. Limited digital capabilities across the organization will impact the ability to execute the digital transformation. Before embarking on the next phase of digital transformation, the organization should assess the current state of organizational capabilities and digital competencies and then build a plan to improve the most critical ones to ensure success. Our Organizational Capability Tool is a helpful tool that enables a rapid organizational assessment. The need for a diverse and deep team will for digital transformations only succeed if there is a sufficient level of digital organizational capability maturity in the organization.”

Peter Søndergaard

Chairman of the Board and investor,
Peter Sondergaard