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From strategy to action

Fast Start

Let us setup your account and get you started.

Language and frameworks for digital transformation

Digital Leadership 

Keeping you firmly on the track to success.

Insight from self-evaluation tests


Introducing you to our frameworks and assist you in identifying next step.

From action to impact

and Reports

Analysis and benchmark reports including recommendations for next step.

Fast Start Program

All the materials you need are in the resource center or in the tools. However, we know that there can be many questions when starting up.

Price: DKK 15.000 / NOK 21.000 / € 2.000 (excl. VAT).

We especially recommend this package for:

  • Organizations that want to get started quickly
  • When multiple organizational units run in parallel
  • Organizations where none is certified in the use of DI2X’ tools

All organizations with a Corporate Subscription will have an onboarding meeting and a quarterly follow-up.

With this package, you get two additional start-up meetings where we help you structure the work; setting up test groups and users, applying the materials in the resource center, analysis of test results, etc.

Digital Leadership Coach

Price: DKK 150.000 / NOK 210.000 / € 20.000 (excl. VAT).

A monthly check-in with one of our specialists or partners will keep you on track and give you an opportunity for a fresh perspective at every step of the transformation.

A quarterly leadership session with leadership reviews communication, objectives, projects, and milestones of the digital efforts within the organization.

Every year the digital leadership coach will facilitate a 2-hour workshop on the subject of digitalization.

As the year’s efforts are reviewed, it is an opportunity to look ahead and set new objectives for the year to come.

Kick-off Workshop – half or whole day program

Price from: DKK 20.000 / NOK 28.000 / € 2.700 (excl. VAT).

  • Facilitation of kick-off meetings with executives, management group, or the whole organization.
  • The participants will typically by introduced to frameworks by our experts, discuss own test-results  in anonymized form, identify actions point and decide next step.
  • The workshop will alternate between presentations by one of our experts, group discussions, and plenary sessions.
  • We will make the final workshop program together with you, depending on your wishes and needs.
  • We will assist you in setting up test-groups within our tools and in finding materiales within the Ressource Center in regard to the workshop.
  • Tests will be made by the participants previously to or during the workshop so that the results can be included in our presentations as well as in the group discussions.

Analysis and Reports

Price from: DKK 20.000 / NOK 28.000 / € 2.700 (excl. VAT).

Analysis Report and benchmark

DI2X analyses the test results and the analysis is presented in a written report.

In collaboration with your contact person, the focus of the analyses is chosen in order to best support the further work with digital transformation in the organization.

DI2X can use its extensive database of anonymized data to benchmark, based on for instance industry or function, if the client so wishes.

Focus, reporting and next steps

The results are summarized in a report that the organization can use to plan and focus further efforts.

DI2X specialists will prepare recommendations for the next step if the client so desires.

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