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Pernille Kræmmergaard & Anja Reinwald dialogue

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Our partners help you use our tools in your organization. They can design a tailored program to increase your digital maturity, transform your organization, build a digital mindset and succeed with strategic processes or competency development.

Hiring one of our certified partners will accelerate the process. Just reach out to our partners and they'll help you from there.

Finding the right DI2X partner

As we build out our client base, we will find partners to help you locally. Need  a partner in a country not represented below or don't know excaxtly what you're looking for? Let us know and we'll help you find just the right person.


Devoteam is one of Denmark's leading digital transformation consulting companies that assist public and private companies.

Through advice on innovation, digitalization, and data - we develop, simplify, and streamline business and IT. We develop Digital Strategies and assess Digital Matureness and ensure execution while actively promoting socially responsible technology that can lift the business potential to the next level.

For several years in a row, we have been named one of Denmark's best workplaces. Devoteam has 8000+ employees across Europe, of which 400 are in Denmark.

The video is in Danish.

Reach out to hear more:
Lars Bo Lindberg
Director of Digitization, Strategy and Analysis
+45 3136 1723
Mail: lars.bo.lindberg@devoteam.com

"Many of our clients, when using our testing and dialogue tools, identify a number of strategic action points - and often seek help to realize them. With Devoteam as a partner, and with their team of consultants certified in the DI2X tools, we further strengthen our clients' ability to get consulting help in this area. We very much look forward to working with Devoteam in the years to come."

Pernille Kræmmergaard
May 2022

The Digitalization Institute, Norway

DI2X' sister company in Norway is a competence development centre for managers and organizations that want to become wiser and more prepared for the digital reality. Besides representing DI2X in Norway, they deliver Masterclass in Digital Transformation, as well as tailored programs, workshops and keynotes.

Eirin Folde is the daily manager in Norway. She has more than 20 years of experience in knowledge-intensive organizations and as a project manager in the public sector. She organizes and facilitates, among other things, Digital Mindset Training Programs (Kompetanseløft digital transformasjon) with a focus on strengthening both competencies and actionable insights among top managers.


Reach out to hear more:
Eirin Folde
Daily manager, Norway
+47 97 653 067
Mail: efo@dinst.dk
Website in Norwegian

Torben Høeg Bonde

The last 35+ years Torben has been a top executive and board chairman of companies like Vestas, Nilfisk and Verdo.

His focus are on defining successful strategies with a strong element of Digital enablement and transformation. Strategies that do not cover dust on shelfs, but are executed through tangible KPI’s and leading to results.

Torben has special industry knowledge withing energy, manufacturing, Service and Information Technology.

He will be ready to help move companies forward in their development, utilising Digital to transform both internal operation and create new business opportunities.

Torben Høeg Bonde on LinkedIn
Mail: torbenhbonde@outlook.dk
Phone: +45 4070 5779

Morten Plannthin

Using his background in Public Management from the University sector, Morten's focus is on change processes and competency development. He has founded MOP Consult (homepage in Danish).

Morten has worked with digitalization in public organizations for over 25 years - both as a manager and in leading major change programs and projects.

He helps organizations accelerate digitalization and Digital Transformation:

"It is my experience that there is a lot of focus on the digital agenda in many organizations, but that many have difficulty seeing how to approach the work in concrete terms - I can help with that. Both on a strategic, tactical and operational level."

Morten Plannthin on LinkedIn
Mail: morten@mop-consult.dk
Phone: +45 2875 2699

Mogens Steffensen

Mogens has a background in HR and IT, as well as industry knowledge from the financial sector, tech and utilities.

This unique insight is the basis for advising companies and managers in Digital Transformation.

He works with strategy development and changing mindsets:

"Danish companies know that digital transformation is important for their bottom line, but they don't know what it really is and how to go about it.

I help the company to create coherence with the frameworks so they have the opportunity to become a digital master."

Mogens Steffensen on LinkedIn
Mail: steffensen@mstef.dk
Phone: +45 2040 1554 

Torben Høeg Bonde, Partner for DI2X
Morten Plannthin
Mogens Steffensen

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