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The Resource Center is our place to share our knowledge with you – assisting you to help others, or to help yourselves.
How to get access?

In the Resource Center, you'll find

Examples of why others have used DI2X Frameworks and tools and how they have attained value by doing so.

Guides and materials for use when distributing tests as well as when analyzing test results preparing presentation thereof.

Suggestions, presentation materials, templates and videos for use in connection with management group meetings, strategy workshops, theme days, competence development days and other activities.

Knowledge resources that help you cultivate your own and others' Digital Mindset.

See below for a list of the specific materials in the Resource Center.

Use cases from other organizations

Find inspiration in texts and videos about why others have used DI2X Tools and Frameworks, how they have achieved value and what it has required. Perhaps it gives rise to new ideas on how you can continue your work and why.

Articles, blogs etc.

Gain more knowledge about the importance of working strategically, as well as with the competences, to strengthen Digital Maturity in organizations, including how DI2X Tools and Frameworks can contribute to this. Perhaps you will find new arguments that can help you advance the digital agenda in your organization.

Tutorials to DI2X Tools

Find tutorials on how to use the Tools. For example, you may be unsure how to setup a test, how to access the test results or how to compare test results from different departments. You will find help with that in the Resource Center.

Mail templates

Find templates for sending emails to participants who need to answer a test. The templates are ready to use, and already contain links to a video introduction and article and they highlight what information we suggest you add. In that way, participants get all the information they need.

Introduction to DI2X' Frameworks

Find short video introductions and articles that provide an understanding of what the Frameworks, Digital Maturity and Organizational Capabilities, are all about. The materials can help to refresh the main points yourself, but can also be shared with others, for example in preparation for them to answer a test.

Guides to analyzing test results

Let us guide you on how to approach the analysis and what you should pay attention to when you need to process and comprehend a group's overall test results or compare results from different groups in the organization.

Templates for presenting test results

Find templates that help you present test results and facilitate a dialogue about them. That way you can easily prepare a professional presentation or report on a new set of test results, you just need to add the specific test results.

Presentations on the frameworks

Access comprehensive PowerPoint presentations about Digital Maturity and Organizational Capabilities. The presentations contain a wide range of different visualizations of the Frameworks and thus allow you to select and apply exactly the ones that are most relevant to you.

Exercises, reflection questions and group discussions

Find suggestions for exercises based on test results, reflection questions you can include in your presentations and templates for group discussions on Digital Mature and Organizational Capabilities. Use the materials as they are or find inspiration to create your own.

Video presentations

Get video presentations for use, for example, in facilitating workshops, meetings or other activities. Instead of explaining Digital Maturity or the Organizational Capabilities yourself, you can get former professor and founder of DI2X, Pernille Kræmmergaard, to do so.


Find access to Pernille Kræmmergaard's two books Digital Maturity and Digital Transformation. Here, for example, you can learn more about the differences between the five generations of Digital Maturity. Or immerse yourself in a capability that is of particular strategic importance to your organization.

Videos and webinars

Access videos and webinars with researchers and managers that provide you knowledge on complementary themes such as blockchain, cybersecurity, or modularity. Immerse yourself in a theme or watch the video with a colleague to inspire new dialogues and perspectives.